A Phonetic Study Of Segmental Phonemes In Al-Amin Ahmad Hamza’s Poetry

A Phonetic Study Of Segmental Phonemes In Al-Amin Ahmad Hamza’s Poetry

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  • Name: A Phonetic Study Of Segmental Phonemes In Al-Amin Ahmad Hamza’s Poetry
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Internal Audit Units are established in organizations in order to assist members of the Organization in the effective discharge of their responsibilities, monitor the use of resources and make recommendations for the improvement of the organizational operations.

The day-to-day operation of an organization is delegated to the management by the Board of Directors. The head of the management often referred to as the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer serve as a link between the Board of Directors and the management.

An internal auditor is employed as an agent of the management for ensuring effective working of Internal Control System. Independence of auditor is a cornerstone for the quality of his performance.

However, it is practically difficult for an internal auditor to possess any reasonable degree of independence in mind and attitude because of the management influence and scope of the work. It needs to be emphasized that internal audit function as an integral part of the internal control system is concomitant to good corporate governance.

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The purpose of internal audit in big companies is to ensure that the account on which the auditor is reporting disclose a true and fair view of the transaction summarized within the period under examination. To ensure completeness and effectiveness in big companies, auditing is very important, the major work covered in the exercising of auditing include examination of internal control, the system of bookkeeping and account, to ensure whether they are appropriate for the nature of the business or activities being carried out by the client and whether all the transactions have been properly recorded under the system. The existence of any internal audit units in big companies is a sign of good control system. If properly conducted, internal audit units can have a great impact on the effectiveness and efficiency of big companies.

Adeniji (2004) suggest that internal audit as an independent appraisal activity established within an organization as a service to it. It is a control, which functions by examining and evaluating the adequacy and effectiveness of other controls.


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