A Survey of the Causes and Effects of Poor Reading Habit

A Survey of the Causes and Effects of Poor Reading Habit

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Project Topic and Material on A Survey of the Causes and Effects of Poor Reading Habit

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Background of the study

Statement of the problem

Objectives of the study

Research questions

Significance of the study

Scope and limitation

Definition of terms


Literature review


Goal of study



Research instrument

Method of data collection

Method of data analysis


Presentation of data analysis

Subject variable

Analysis of data

Discussion of findings

Research question 1

Research question 2

Research question 3

Research question 4










Reading proficiency is the way to knowledge. It is essential to the success of all academic subjects. In modern life, learning depends largely upon ones ability to interpret the printed pages accurately and fully. It is a decoding process of which printed words are translated into spoken word and also a process of gaining meaning fro printed pages and applying it to daily life. Reading is the key to all learning. It is said that the more reading one does the more learning one acquires. Reading often relieves emotional tension and gives insight into personal problem. Reading provides experiences through which the individual may develop his horizons. Identify his interest and gain deeper understanding of himself and other human beings and of the world. Reading is a path to need experience and first hand information.

According to Ruth Strong et al (1967, 26) reading takes out of our country and ourselves. Reading is a creative act. As the writer create a situation of thought so the reader creates the pattern of words and discovers for himself the essence of the author’s idea. In any literate society, its not easy to find any skilled work that does not require reading ability. The society is highly dependent on the ability to read for its existence. For example, renewal of license, withdrawal of money from the bank. To participate actively in the society, reading is required. Terry O. Thomson said reading as “The interpretation of printed or written symbols into speech of mental equivalent act as a unifying force rendering to unite social group by providing common vicanous experiences and by cultivating common attitudes, ideas, interest and aspiration”. Reading literacy works novels, magazines and books help the learner to gather information and knowledge. Reading often relieves emotional tension and gives insight into personal problems.

There are two types of reading. They are silent and loud reading. In silent reading, the reader read without the movement of the lips and without the movement of the head side by side. All information gathered is conceived in the readers’ mind with vocalization. In loud reading, the reader reads out the words for others to hear, minding all the necessary punctuation marks. In both silent and loud reading, it is only the eyes that move from word to word. It only involves a vigorous mental activity.

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The nature of reading ability is very complex. Research of many investigators into causes of poor reading habit emphasizes that it is only very rarely that reading difficulties can be attributed to a simple factor. In order words, there are a lot of factors that cause poor reading habit. Some come from the environment where they have never been encouraged to express an original thought so their weakness in the use of language structure and expression affects their reading habit. Some pupil’s poor attitude towards reading influences their reading habit. Lack of good motivation by parents and factors also affect the learners’ ability to read. Good motivation such as praises can prevent the learners from frustration and fearfulness. Bad method of teaching, which have resulted from unqualified teachers can actually developed undesirable habit in reading.

The mental and physical conditions of learners or readers have lots of influences on their capacity for reading. There are other general physical conditions such as visual and auditory defeat, vocal infection, nervous breakdown, lost of sleep which also causes poor reading habit. Some people tend to read poorly, because of their inability to discover they are pointing to words, vocalization, and sub-vocalizations. Regression and comprehensive skill prevented many ambition pupils from furthering their education. Could all these be the reason why pupils do not read well? This research is aimed at finding the causes and providing solutions to these problems.


The objectives of this study is to investigate the causes of poor reading habit in pupils, identify the effects of poor reading on the general performance of pupils in schools and recommend practical solutions to problems confronting pupils reading habit.


Based on the problem stated above, the following research questions were asked;

1.     Does the poor grading of textbooks through primary one to primary six cause poor reading habit in pupils?

2.     Would you agree that bad method of teaching reading skills cause poor reading habits in pupils?

3.     Does the socio-economic status of parents affect the reading habit of pupils?

4.     Are pupils who have serious physiological problem generally poor readers?


The importance of this study cannot be overemphasized as it will provide public with lasting solutions to their reading difficulties and this will positively affects their general reading habit. School teachers, headmasters, curriculum developers can update themselves with new method of teaching reading so as to avoid threat method, which brings no positive result. With the awareness of the causes of poor reading habit in pupils they can improve on the suggested solutions. It will serve as an eye opener to the parents as regards their duty to their children in school. This will motivate them to provide the necessary school materials and also conducive atmosphere where their children can read effectively. It will equip the pupils with a master key that will open many doors that read to the road of learning and enlightenment.


Proficiency: Means skilled or expert.

Tension: Mental, emotional, nervous condition.

Decoding: translating data from one code to another.

Regression: Going forward and backward from form of reading.

Frustration: disappointment.

Physiological: Science of the normal function of living things.


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