Budgeting In Public Sector Economy (Case Study Of Enugu State Government)

Budgeting In Public Sector Economy (Case Study Of Enugu State Government)

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  • Name: Budgeting In Public Sector Economy (Case Study Of Enugu State Government)
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 The purpose of the study is to determine the effect of budgeting on the economic development of the state to determine the factors which account for the difference between the capital expenditure and the recurrent expenditure and to take an overview of the analysis of the relationship between estimated and actual expenditure in the last five financial years. The study is aimed at improving budgeting as an effective tool for financial planning and control in the state public sector. Some of the problem associated with this study include , ascertaining whether the budget is usually prepared aimed at realizing the states objectives or if the budgets and make  them look ambitious why are budget bigger or smaller over the year? What account for deficits or surplus budgets?

            Five years consolidated financial statement of estimates of Enugu state of Nigeria , approved revenue estimated , actual revenue and revised revenue estimates. The instrument of data collection was a structured questionnaire and it was self-administered. The data so collected was put in a form that allowed for easy comparison.

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The findings reveal the “call circulars” are issued in July and that the “estimates committee” is the only body charged with reviewing proposals from every ministry and government bodies. The state has not adopted the planning programming and budgeting system [ PPBS]. The states major source of revenue are the federation account and states internal revenue though the states share of the federation account is received monthly , it is received short of the expected revenue. It was also found that while the civilian budget was mostly done at a deficit, that of military government is either a balanced one or a surplus one.

The implication of this findings for budget preparations ,revenue control and budgeting techniques , measurement and assessment are discussed. Some recommendations are made regarding how budgeting can be improved to help check the up- surge of recurrent expenditure and improving the internally generated revenue.


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