Equipment Database Management (Edms) in the Teaching of Computer Science

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Project Topic and Material on Equipment Database Management (Edms) in the Teaching of Computer Science

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The whole word over is today in the era of computerization organization, corporate bodies, government functionaries including the military are all making efforts towards the computerization of its function or operations. Practically ius the Nigeria Army today, emphasizes is being laid on computer literacy for all its personnel in order to meet up with the global trend in information management and decision making. Despite all these efforts, the Nigerian army is yet to maintain a computerized database management system for its communications equipment. The initiative has been taken to create or design as a project work a computerized database management system for the Nigerian Army sign communication equipment. Recommending a network system, preferably hooking to the internet for effective utilization of the database between the different Army locations and where the equipment are deployed or used.



In 1977-1978, it was apparent that most government establishment in the developed countries required more than a simple book keeping system to support its day to day operation. There were demands for new computer application suites such as well as management information and for automated preparation of the statutory report required by these boundaries taking much of their data from the operation already automated by these establishments.

The existing computer system where unable to support this kind of processing. Each had been designed to automate a single area of the organization operation. Each had its own set of files which was different in format and structure between systems. Coding structure used to group information within each system were again inconsistent and were in most cases incapable of expansion.

There were also considerate operational problems major changes to the system over the years had made them expensive to maintain coding software even within the system had been outgrown and were difficult to modify as the value of the code were inextricable linked to the logic of the programs. The same information was repeated in different system which made day-to-day updating insecurable. In order to support the same new requirement, the existing system (conventional file processing system) would have to be written on. These problems that the conventional system was facing led to the development of equipment database management system.

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An organization must not only have an accurate and reliable data for effective decision-making, it must also ensure proper management of data, which is vital to the success of computer based information system. This is so because even if the hardware and the software in the system are technically well designed and operating properly. The value of the system may be marginal if the data on which it is based is of low quality.

Similarly, if all the application programs that need the data cannot get them, the usefulness of the system may be limited; therefore we make bold to say quite emphatically that managing data is a key to successful information system support of management.


This project work is to investigate the strategies for improving the equipment database management system in every day-to-day operation in government management today. Equipment database management system is a new technology that is used in Nigeria Army signal to operate and  get accurate information in their  day-to-day transaction.


The purpose of this study is to investigate and improve on how accurate data dispensable and data sharability, good information can be passed across to different location. Data integrity and access flexibility is a major purpose of the study for a reliable information system.


The significance of this project cannot be overemphasized. In the first place, the study will help an organization to have proper management of data, which is vital to the success of computer based information system. The study is geared towards obtaining some vital information about strategies for improving the operation of database management system. The study will help to contribute to a body of knowledge already existing in the literature of studies on equipment database management system.

The study will help to process and access application boundaries taking much of their data from the operations already automated by this establishment. Lastly, the study will enable the investigator to give reasonable recommendations to the government n ways of improving the use of equipment database management systems.


As already stated, this project work will look into the strategies for improving the database management system in Nigeria Army Signals.


For the purpose of this study, the following terms are specially defined as used in the study.

Strategies: Method to be devised.

Equipment: Movable objects use in spotting activities

Acute: To formalize one-self with activities

Constraint: To urge strongly, to hold in check

Investigation: To find out solution

Confronted: To bring face to face

Inextricable: Incapable of being untied or disentangled

Automated: Designed to work without attention.


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