Leadership and Organizational Performance

Leadership and Organizational Performance

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This study is an attempt to investigate the role of leadership and organizational performance. The limitation of this study is the unavailability of the complete data of Independent Television and Radio, Benin City and also the unpreparedness of the staff to assist in getting relevant information and materials. The research questions were asked to examine effectively how best leadership would be used in realizing organizational goals. Data were collected through questionnaire method. The major findings of this study are:

  •  It was found that no organization can achieve it’s cooperate goals without the support of sound labour force.
  • The behavior and attitude of leaders towards its employees goes a long way in determining the effectiveness of such organization.
  •  Effective communication is necessary for better performance.

Based on the above findings of this study, the major conclusions are:

  • Before a person assumes the position of leadership, its ability to perform the functions elicitly should be adequately accessed so that the right person is given the right task.
  • A leader should not be autocratic, dictatorial, or laissez-faire in dealing with their employee as this will not make them achieve their desired result from their employee rather democratic system of leadership should be adopted. 

Based on the above conclusions, the major recommendation of the study are:

  • Leaders should be carefully chosen in an organizational set up and they must be sent on training to update their knowledge and skills.
  • Information concerning the responsibilities of the employees should be promptly and clearly communicated to them so that they will be better placed to discharge their duties effectively and efficiently.    


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