The Determinants Of Sustainable Agricultural Technology Adoption

The Determinants Of Sustainable Agricultural Technology Adoption

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Agriculture has an important role because more than 60% of the world’s population depends on agriculture for their livelihoods. One of the major contributing factors to agricultural productivity growth is the application of new technologies. New agricultural technologies are expected to play an important route out of poverty in most developing countries. However, the reality shows that the level of agricultural technology adoption is still considered relatively low. This paper is a scientific review that summarizes and analyzes the results of research on the adoption of agricultural technology. The purpose of this paper is to examine experiences in a number of countries regarding the adoption of agricultural technology and determine the factors that influence the adoption and sustainability of a technology adoption. The results of the study reveal that farmers’ decisions to adopt new technologies depend on dynamic interactions between the characteristics of the technology and environmental conditions. Several aspects that influence the adoption of agricultural technology include technological, economic and financial, social and institutional aspects, as well as agricultural business and the characteristics of farm households. However, the determinants of the adoption of agricultural technology are not always single, but rather a combination of several factors so that to spur technology adoption, all the determining factors must be taken into account. A comprehensive approach is the best choice for disseminating new agricultural technologies. The government can become a facilitator for technology adoption and ensure that technology is in place spread beneficial for farmers.


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