The Effect of Home Background on Performance of Student in Computer Science

The Effect of Home Background on Performance of Student in Computer Science

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Project Topic and Material on The Effect of Home Background on Performance of Student in Computer Science

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The subject matter of this research is the effect of home background on performance of student in Computer Science in College of Education Staff School, Benin City. The main objective of the research work is to enable us know the effect of home background on performance of students in Computer Science in College of Education Staff School, Benin City. The research methodology, primary data was used. The data were presented and analyzed, information was gathered from questionnaires. It was discovered in the course of study that home background affects the performance of students. This is due to low educational qualification, socio-economic states and large families. It was recommended that the government should give aids to the lower class families by giving them grants such as bursary and scholarship awards.


CHAPTER ONE1.1            Background of the study

1.2            Statement of problem

1.3            Research question

1.4            Purpose of study

1.5            Significance of study

1.6            Scope and limitation

1.7            Methodology

1.8            Definition of terms

CHAPTER TWO Literature review CHAPTER THREE3.1            Population for the study

3.2            Sample

3.3            Research instrument

3.4            Statistical techniques

3.5            Collection and administering of questionnaire

CHAPTER FOURAnalysis, interpretation and discussion of result

CHAPTER FIVE5.1            Summary of findings

5.2            Conclusion

5.3            Recommendation





The importance of education in the up-bringing of student cannot be over emphasized. It is a known fact that the children on students of today are the leaders of tomorrow. As matter of national priority, it is the fundamental responsibility of government to provide for the education of students, this will no doubt contribute to the overall growth and development and reduces the level of literacy to the barest minimum. In college of education staff school today, various subject like mathematics, English language, social studies, bible knowledge, elementary science, computer science are taught. These subject are reliant to our day to day development. These days emphasis is laid on both qualitative and quantitative education.

In Nigeria society inequality of educational achievement has been one of the recent years. No government has ever thought of what the home can recall help in the performance of students in schools. Teachers have always been seen as a role model and a person that can perform miracle to influence the academic performances of student hence parents and government tend to be arranged into different social state. It is clear that our societies are theoretically classified into groups, person and their families are associated with different social classes.

There is the existence of three types of homes, the non-abundant, middle and abundant families. The position ones hold, the occupation which one engage in the society, the privileges and prestige receives all help to sharpen one’s style of life. The presence of adequate potential techniques for helping the child to understand his world or cope with complex situation may have permanent effects in his life and academic achievement. Broken homes can also affect the performance of students in computer science and may have permanent effect in his life and academic achievements. The use of instructional materials may also affect performance of students in college of education staff school. In Nigeria, however, most school don’t offer computer science the reason been that they are not mature to offer computer science or do not have material to teach the students. Their attitudes and behavaiour are quite was patterned by the time they enter into school. The child’s response to school is highly dependent on these patterned attitudes and behaviour with this, it become necessary to undertake a student, the problem on the academic performance in computer science of students in schools.

Over the two decades, sociologist have tried to identify the effect of home background on the performance of student in schools. Woodruff (1961) is of the view that the influence of home has on the child’s learning is a great importance to his life, his value and most of his habits and basic adjustments are established during the pre-school years. This state shows that home plays a vital role in educational development of a student and his performance in schools. This is so because the home provide for a student primary socialization and information educated and it goes a long way to help his performance in computer science in school.

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In recent years, there has this assumption that the standard of education in Nigeria has fallen which manifest itself in poor performances of students. This has therefore led to a lot of argument of whom to blame, the teachers, the government, students, peer groups contributes to the student’s academic performance in computer science but the home into which the students is born nurtured and spends the most of his time is to be blame more because the home is the major contributor to the student performance in computer science in school. The research therefore coin at examining the effect of home background of student in school in College of Education Staff School, Benin City.

The research questions that will be required for the purpose of this study include the following:

1.      Does home background affect the performance of student in computer science in College of Education Staff School?

2.      Does socio-economic status of parents affect the student performance in computer science in college of education staff school?

3.      Does the level of educational qualification of parents affect the student’s achievement in college of education staff school?

4.      Does the size of the family, type, structure affect student’s performances?

5.      Does the student from high and middle social classes achieve more than those from lower class?


The purpose of this study is to find out how home background affects the academic performance in computer science in college of education staff school, Benin City. It should be seen by those who could do something about it; educational planners, educational policy makers the universal basic education (UBE)  the government, parents, the college of education staff school management should do something that did not just evolve overnight, hence solution. It should be as elastic as its evolution.


This study will be of immense value to educational planners in designing school programme that are related to the family background of students such programme can help the disadvantaged students to catch up with their advantaged peers thereby improving the standard of education in the country. It is hoped that the findings of this study would help in identified the role of home background on students in schools. Every parents expect a good result from a child who attend school.

Student are successful in computer science when certain factors are put together ensuring that the student who attend schools, is well fed. Before he leaves the home the expected materials that will enhance learning at school is the students work regularly checked, does the parent over find time to check the child work, has the school facilities, equipments and materials that would aid teaching.

The government is not left out of it too. If the role of the home has been recognized in the nations education, therefore at the end of this project work, it is assumed that the government will assist parent guardian needs of the student wards.

DEFINITION OF TERMS                            

In the course of preparing this study, a number of terms were used for the purpose of clarity and avoidance of ambiguity. These terms are explained in the contest in which they were used.

Home background: As used in this study, it means the environmental setting or home where the child was brought up and where his experience begins

Socio-Economic Status of Parents: This determines the level of general care and level of education children from high socio-economic home are likely to get good care and good education compared to children from low socio-economic homes.

Student Performance: The scores an individual obtains in a class test or examination base on his learning experience in schools.

Social Class: This is a level in the society made up of people who consider themselves as equal because of similarities of interest, same common background, same level of education, same occupation and income rate and same attitude towards social issues.

Educated Parents: It refers to parents that attended institutions of learning. It means parents that have undergone systematic training and instructions through formal education.

Uneducated parents: These are parents that never went to school for training or academic institutions.


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