The Effect of Job Satisfaction on Workers Performance Among Public Servants in Edo State

The Effect of Job Satisfaction on Workers Performance Among Public Servants in Edo State

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Project Topic and Material on The Effect of Job Satisfaction on Workers Performance Among Public Servants in Edo State

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The purpose of this study is to find out the views and opinions of staff in College of Education Ekiadolor on the effect of job satisfaction like salary, promotion and other benefit gotten from job. In the absence of these satisfaction factors, the study is aimed at finding out those factors that has lead to no satisfaction. In order to be able to investigate these causes. The questionnaires were distributed among the staff of College of Education, Ekiadolor Benin. Based on their response, the data was analysed and some causes in the form of review of related literature, the researcher made some suggestion and recommendations. Thus, it is hoped by the researcher that adequate consideration of these suggestion and recommendation would reduce if not eradicate the lack of satisfaction of workers by management.


Chapter One

Background to the study

Statement of the problem

Research question

Purpose of the study

Significance of the study

Scope of the study

Operational definition of terms

Chapter Two

Review of Related Literature


The effect of job satisfaction

Meaning of satisfaction

Satisfaction techniques

Satisfaction process

Satisfaction approach

Chapter Three


Research design

Target population

Sampling techniques

Method of data analysis

Chapter Four

Data analysis presentation of result and discussion


Presentation of results and data analysis

Discussion of results

Chapter Five

Summary, Conclusion and Recommendations


Summary of the study



References Appendix



In Nigeria today, we are faced with the problem of economic set back resulting from world wide economic recession and the level of input into any thing to produce an output. Basically, some of the silent issue of any organisation globally is job satisfaction in private or public organisation the human factors of any organisation cannot be over emphasized without doubt. People are the central point on which any organisation like the College of Education Ekiadolor as a case study revolves and they are instrumental in every aspect of the institutions. It is therefore paramount to note that job satisfaction is of vital important to the success to an organisation in view of its relevance, effort have to be made to ensure that workers both academic and non academic staff put in their best for the benefit of the institution.

It is obvious that the amount of effort workers will put on a job de4pends largely on the degree of job satisfaction they receive. Job satisfaction in the management circle refers to workers performance in the attainment of institutional goals. It is also seen as that inner force which direct an individual period of time. However, what, what job satisfaction people in given period of time varies from person to person. Most management believes that those things which job satisfaction, their workers are non monetary rewards and bonus or fringe benefits. but these ideas have been proved wrong by managerial experience. However, there are not silent factors that job satisfaction people expect greatly, these includes incentives that relate to affiliation and personal recognition sense of belonging, security, sympathetic, understanding of personal problems and work well done- Bareison and Stainer (1994:42) sees job satisfaction as an inner state that energizes activities, move and direct or channels behaviour towards goals. In a working environment like the College of Education, Ekiadolor job satisfaction is an effort designed to energize or induce workers as the case may be to perform effectively as to enhance fulfillment of goals. Flippo (1983) added that just as employee has certain wants their employee are expected to supply the institution, in another hand have certain type of behaviour that it hopes to elicit from the employee. It is therefore becomes instructive that to strike a balance and create a harmonious co-existence management has to consider side by side the research shall in the course of work focus on the effect of job satisfaction in respect of academic staff and non academic staff of College of Education, Ekiadolor like any other institution, workers needs and wants are no doubt numerous. However, these desired should be satisfied in order to prevent frustration which could be capable of lowering the moral of the individual workers and thereby generating adverse effect on performance and ultimately productively needed.

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College of Education, Ekiadolor like any other institution or organisation in Nigeria is rapidly expanding this growth calls for an increase in the demand for skilled human resources especially those trained for the job, which is in short supply it is very important to note that every head of institution required skilled, talented experience and specialized academically in order to enable the achieve their specific objectives and goals of the institutions. To achieve those objectives, staff in order to discover those attributes inherent in these staff without adequate planning execution and control measures all efforts directed towards the job satisfaction of the performance of staff may be useless. So in that case, management should strive to know the particular needs and the aspiration of their staff in order to be able to motivate him or her because if the worker are not motivated, it then become a problems which will lead to the dissatisfaction in their job.

Another problematic question here is that to what extend does salary paid to workers helps to motivate and retain them. Dale Beach (1983:35) said work manifest significant over and above its strength economic functional by providing social relationship, self-esteem, sense of identity this implies that work serves many perception purpose. In view of the above problems, this research work is designed on how to satisfy staff and also to know the causes of the low performance of staff in College of Education, Ekiadolor and how the management would affect and change, staff job satisfaction, is important as it is the tool or weapon used in achieving the goals of profit maximization in an organisation.

PURPOSE OF STUDY             

In the light of the above problems, t his study is amongst other things set out to achieve the following purposes.

1.            To determine the basic needs of the workers that will enable them perform their job effectively.

2.            To examine the impact of prompt reward for hard work on job.

3.            To recommend measures for staff job satisfaction in College of Education, Ekiadolor.

4.            To investigate and determine the present job satisfaction scheme such as promotion, salaries and training or workers among College of Education Ekiadolor.

5.            To identify the factors capable for job satisfaction and the techniques required by management to satisfy staff.


1.            Does salary paid to workers help to motivate and retain them.

2.            Does job satisfaction use in achieving the goals of profit maximization in an organisation.

3.            Does the strive to know the particular needs and the aspiration of staff improve job satisfaction.


This study is designed to find out the effect of job satisfaction on workers performance amongst public servant in Edo State. The study will be of significant help to educate public servants on job satisfaction.


The research work is limited to College of Education Ekiadolor, Benin and the effect of job satisfaction like salaries, promotions etc. in job.


Effect: This is the degree of the result of an action. It can be positive or negative in nature. Job satisfaction is an inner drive that propel one to act or behave in a specific way in attempt to satisfy some specific need. It enables an employee work towards receiving a reward that will make the individual feel gratified.

Staff: A person employed in an organisation who renders his or her services for the purpose of earning a living.

Efficiency: This is the extent to which output of an organisation exceeds the in put of staffing in producing that out put.

Training: Is the systematic development or knowledge, skill and attitude required of an individual to perform a given assignment adequately.

Promotion: It is the advancement of staff to better job in terms of greater skills and increase in salaries.

Reward: It is the benefit derives from satisfying performance of task or duties in an organisation it could be cash or kind.

Employer: An individual agency or organisation that takes on the services of a person and pays for work done.


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