The Effect of Marital Instability on the Academic Performance of Students

The Effect of Marital Instability on the Academic Performance of Students

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Project Topic and Material on The Effect of Marital Instability on the Academic Performance of Students

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This study was carried out to identify the effect of marital instability on the academic performance of studies; a case study of Ovia North East Local Government Area of Edo State. The study established the effect of marital instability among parents and off-springs, which include sexual promiscuity, drug abuse, psychological problems, crime among offspring’s, delinquent behaviour among juveniles. In carrying out the study, twenty (20) research questions were formulated and tested in order to validate the research questions, 100 questionnaires were administered in some selected schools in Ovia North East Local Government Area of Edo State. Findings revealed that marital instability increases the chance of crime among offspring’s, unstable home increase probability of sexual promiscuity. Marital instability increases drugs use among couples and their children, etc following the findings in this research work, a number of recommendations were made to bring a positive change in the lives of parents and their offspring.



Background to the study

Statement of the problem

Research question

Purpose of the study

Significance of the study

Scope of the study

Definition of terms


Literature review


Research design and methodology

Population sample

Instrument used

Validity of the instrument

Method of data analysis


Presentation of results and discussion


Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation and Suggestions




Suggestion for further study






This study is designed not only to impact broad based knowledge to marital homes but also to tackle the problems facing marital instability on the performance of students. Marital instability affects all round development of the student which includes: social, educational, emotional, vocational and mental aspect of the student. It is well known fact that parents contributes a lot to over all development of the students. When there is instability in marriage, which lack parental care which is very essential to their growth hence leads to maladjustment in the students? Student who are in the condition are seen to be confused and standard in life. This often leads to involving themselves breaking the societal norms and values such as: stealing, drug addicts etc.

According to Ajai and ipage (1997) marital instability affect the academic performance of children in schools. They demonstrated this by comparing intact homes and unintact homes. It is observed that children from intact homes have higher grade or points. The various contribution on made by Ajai and Ipaye the (1997), right of women and children in divorce.

This foundation have help us to deepen understanding have help us deepen understanding the cause of marital instability and the effect of marital instability on children from the area of study. It has been found that children from unstable home often worse off when compared with the children from united home. This means that it is only when something goes wrong with the parents-child relationship, those serious causes delinquency result.

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Going through the background of the study, it has been noticed that the foundations of the family institution is generally being eroded as a result of constant marital instability which affects the family and the performance of children in most society including Nigeria. These occurrence therefore have necessitated the need to fuel examine this social phenomenon by the extent to which marital instability affects, the performance of students and the family.

It is this problem that this research seeks to address and the gap is sought to full urgently. This scope of this research will be limited be Utekon community which will be used to examine and thoroughly ascertain the extents to which marital instability affect the students and the family.


  1. To find out the effect of marital instability.
  2. To determine the implication of marital instability.
  3. To educate couples on how to achieve stability in their marital homes.


This research or study is significant in that do enable the researcher give advice to couples on how to tackle the problems of marital instability on academic performance of students. It will also bring to the awareness of the parents and students the importance of them been educated on how to achieve stability in their marital homes or intended homes. It would be of immense help to the psychologists, sociologist s regards the effect of marital instability on each family and the community at large.

The findings of the study would go a long way to help the educators handle the students from unstable homes background since they may find it difficult to cope with their education. Again, the finding would help the government, religious houses and non-governmental agencies to encourage marital counseling at their various posts; and this could go a long way in correcting bad impression conceived in the society about marriage.


The following are some stated research questionnaires as a guide to this study.

  1. Do extra marital affair of the couples leads to marital instability?
  2. Do children from stable homes enjoy parental care more than children from unstable homes?
  3. Do the failure of married couples to bear children a reason for marital instability?
  4. Does marital instability increase the chances of teenage pregnancy?
  5. Does marital instability increase drugs use among couples and their children?


This study is limited to Utekon Community in Ovia North East Local Government   Area of Edo State. Both sex from Utekon community were used for the study, consequently they stand a better chance to supply more accurate information.


Juvenile delinquent: Also known as juvenile offending; is the habitual committing of criminal acts or offense by a young person, especially one below the age at which ordinary criminal prosecution is possible.

Family: Family is a basic social unit consisting of parents and their children.

Psychological: Is the affecting, or arising in the mind, related to the mental and emotional state of a person.


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