The Factors Influencing Students Teachers Performance in Teaching Practice

The Factors Influencing Students Teachers Performance in Teaching Practice

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Project Topic and Material on The Factors Influencing Students Teachers Performance in Teaching Practice

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Education is view as an instrument of change. Every nation has strong faith in the effectiveness of education as a powerful instrument for nation development. That is why most countries are attempting to adjust their educational philosophy and policies to match the changing economy and social structure (NPE, 1987) education is a process by which people are used to culture into which they are born in order for them to develop it further. Beside education is centered on maximum development of the individual members of the society mentally, socially and religiously so that the individual can become useful to himself and the society (Farrant, 1992).

It is in this direction that the government took steps to eradicate illiteracy in education in a developing country like Nigeria. This resulted in more people being registered in the universal “free” primary education (UPE) introduced by the various governments in primary school and later in secondary school in order to cope with the increasing trend of admission into secondary schools. Inspite of this, the performance of education in schools has continued to be discouraging these secondary schools in Benin City Edo State. The falling standard of education in schools has been attributed to a number of perceived factors such as lack of support to students’ teachers by host teachers/principal, unconducive climate accommodation problems and the government.

Fagbonuye (1999) stated that t he problem of non availability of teachers in schools was one of the various reason for poor students performance. It cites a situation where four teachers were made to face one thousand students to him a poorly both quantitatively and qualitatively cannot produce students with high academic standards.


Research works in the past have shown that the factors influencing students’ performance during teaching practice have been of great concern to many individuals, parents, teachers, government and even the students. It is clear that performance is getting poorer even as most bodies mentioned above trying their possible best. To find solutions to these problems the following questions were asked;

1.            How does learning environment influence students teachers performance?

2.            Does lack of support by host teachers influences students’ teachers’ performance?

3.            How does the attitude of students influence the performance of students’ teachers?

4.            How does attitude of supervisor influence students teacher performance?

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The following research questions were formulated for this study.

1.            Do lack of support by host teachers influences students teacher performance?

2.            Does the attitude of students influence the performance of students’ teachers?

3.            Do the learning climate of the school influence students teachers performance?

4.            Do accommodation problem influence students teachers performance?


This study was carried out to find out the factors influencing student’s teachers performance during teaching practice in Oredo local government area, Edo State. With a view to providing suggestions for the improvement in order to enhance better academic performance. It is in this light that the following aims and objectives were designed with a view to answer the research questions.

1.            To identify the constraint that result from lack of support to students by teachers.

2.            To find out how the attitude of students teachers during teaching practice has affected the performance of students.

3.            To find out if poor infrastructure facilities in school affect students teacher performance.

4.            To find out how learning climate of the school influence students teachers performance.


This study examined some of the factors influencing students’ teachers’ performance in Oredo secondary school, Benin City. It is hoped that it may be possible to discover the variables that affect the performance of students in school and proffer some suggestion to educational administration on ways and means of improving the teaching and learning process.

It may also be of great importance to parents, teachers, government curriculum planners. The result of the study may highlight the need for adequate teaching aids motivation of teachers by government seriousness on the part of students and parents cooperation from host teachers. The findings of this study may assist educational administrators in training, monitoring of teachers and help reduce poor performance on the part of students.  These may bring about effective and qualitative education as well as improving students’ academic performance.


This study was restricted to some secondary school in Oredo local government area of Edo State. These schools were selected heterogeneously to reveal the general principals of attitudinal response.


The following terms were defined in the context they were used in the study.

INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS: They are materials in instructing in given direction during a unit of instruction.

QUANTITATIVE: Property of things that can be measured

QUALITATIVE: Concerned with quality

ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE: Notable action achievement of students.

MONITORING: Educational officials employed to listen, watch and report on what is going on in schools.

ACADEMIC INFLUENCE: Affecting a person ways academically.

HOST TEACHERS: Can also be seen as permanent teacher in the school.

EDUCATIONAL ADMINISTRATOR: Educational officials that are set aside for proper organizing of monitoring of schools activities.

STUDENTS TEACHERS: Students who are undergoing teaching practice as a training.

EDUCATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS: Producing the result that is required in the act of study.


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