The Influence of Management Style on Staff Performance

The Influence of Management Style on Staff Performance

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The main objective of any purposeful organisation is that of achieving its corporate goals.  The accomplishment of this objective depends to a large extent on how the organisation manages its 4ms of management which are Man, Machinery, Material and Money. The ‘man’ that is arm of the 4ms refers to people that are to work towards the realization of the organizational objectives.  Among this people, there should be some selected few, who will manage and lead the others.  A manager is a leader, consequently, In psychological study, a leader is usually defined in terms of the group he leads, he is the person who manages, direct and controls the activities of the group so that the purpose of the group are achieved.

Leadership in a broader term is then defined as the process of influencing people so that they will strive willingly towards the achievement of group goals. To lead is to manage, guide, conduct, direct and precede, indeed the ability to lead effectively is one of the requirement of being an effective manager. Job performance to any manufacturing concern is a major requirement to survival. If the employees are not well co-ordinated, motivated, guided and controlled, they may work at about 50 at 60 percent of capacity, which is just enough to satisfy the requirement for holding job.

However, to achieve maximum efficiency in their job performance, the manager must induce devoted response on the part of subordinates by exercising appropriate leadership style. The importance of managerial leadership styles cannot be overemphasized, since its appropriateness will affect to a large extent the overall success of the concern. Types of managerial leadership styles has been identified to include: free-reign managerial leadership style, Democratic managerial leadership style and Authocratic, Managerial leadership style. These managerial leadership styles has varying and distinctive characteristics.  Thus the purpose of this research work is to critically examine the effects of these managerial leadership styles on the job performance of the employees.


The human resource of any organisation determines to a large extent, its success or failure and as such, its management and efficiency should be a major concern of this management. However, it is a fact that most managers in business organisation finds it extremely hard to effectively lead the workers under them and to motivate them into putting in their best in their job performances.  This problems arises majorly due to the leadership style adopted by these managers.  Most managers cannot design the appropriateness of a particular managerial style, given a particular situation in achieving organizational objectives in terms of productivity.  Some of these problems are highlighted below.

(1) Poor Communication: Communication has been regarded as the major element of interaction in a society, default in communication system will bring about poor interaction and as well, it is the life wire of every society. Consequently, communication in an organisation will froster the relationship between the superior and subordinate in the organisation.  Meanwhile, a manager could only effective in his leadership roles only with effective flow of communication as poor communication has been regarded as a problem of leadership responsibility, which in turn affects job performance.

(2) Poor Managerial Perception:- Job performance can only be enhanced, if leaders can understand employee indifferences within the organisation, which will thus enhance effective motivation strategy.  The failure on the part of a manager to identify the needs of employees so as to known, when and how to motivate them for effective job performance makes the leadership responsibility of such managers to be very poor and this will be a very big problem in achieving organizational goals and objectives.  It could also lead to high rate of job dissatisfaction, absentism, lateness and high labour turnover among others.


The statement of hypothesis shall be as follows.

(1) That the managerial leadership style is likely to affect the job performance of the employees.

(2) That the extent to which the employers feel satisfied is probably depended on the managerial style.

(3)  That the managerial style adopted will likely depend on the type of goal setting.

(4)  That the managerial style is likely dependent on the situation.


The objective of the research study will be as follows:

(1)  To examine the managerial leadership style in Acra contractors company Lagos and how it has helped the organisation to achieve its objectives.

(2) To know the other factors affecting the job performance in Aero contractors company Lagos.

(3) To examine the extent to which the managerial leadership style has been able to contribute to industrial peace and harmony at Aero contractors company Lagos and how this how helped to bring about increase in productivity.

(4) To recommend a managerial style, if necessary to Aero contractors company Lagos.  It is hoped it will help the organisation to achieve its objectives.


The study is aimed at discovering the effect of managerial styles on employee performance in Aero contractors company. It will also explore the land of relationship existing between the leaders and subordinates with a view of correcting lapses. The study will also find ways of achieving the best result in terms of productivity, efficiency and profitability from the work force. Furthermore, the research work will find ways of maintaining an acceptable and conducive atmosphere at the work place and reduce tension and industrial interest. Employee performance is absolutely important for an organisation to survive the global competitiveness and to achieve this, managerial styles are necessary for the employees to perform up to expectation. Since managerial style is a key determinant of certain work behavioural pattern, this study will have to highlight its basic impact on the employees, organisation and general economy. The study will contribute to existing knowing in the area of managerial styles and hence stimulate further studies or research on these topic since improvement are made every day.


This study is about the effect of managerial leadership style on the job performance of employees, which are subordinates of Aero contractors company Lagos. The research will try to critically examine the effect of these managerial leadership styles and how it has affected the job performance of the employees and the organisation at large.


Aero contractors company of Nigeria was formed in 1959.  It is wholly owned subsidiary of Schreiner Airways B. V. of the Netherlands.  In 1973, the Nigerian Oteri holding became the exclusive partner with on 40% stake in Aero contractors of Nigeria and this grew into a 60% ownership stake in 1976, anticipating the requirement of the Nigeria indigenization decree. Schreiner is currently the managing partner and the specific management responsibilities are defined through a shareholders agreement contract.  Schreiner is thereby responsible for the day-to-day management of the company.

The company started in 1959 as an air charter operator for the embryo oil industry in Nigeria, particularly in the Warri Escravos area. From these early beginnings contracts were given to the company to supply helicopters and air charter services to Nigerian Agip Oil Company, ELF (Nigeria) Ltd and Texaco Oil petroleum Company Nigeria Ltd.  The helicopter supplied provided offshore and swamp communication whilst the air plan formed the link between Warri, Port Harcourt and Lagos.  Today, Aero contractors operates both rotar and fixed wing services to major oil and gas companies and supporting industries working in Nigeria and the West African region. Aero contractors has a staff strength of about 945 employees with specialized skills in different professions.  To keep up with the global competition, the company has a policy of training its staff effectively both locally and abroad.


(1) Control: It is the ability to manage or direct.

(2) Co-ordinate: The integration of the activities of separate parts to accomplish a common goal.

(3) Job Performance: The act and state of performance a job.

(4) Leadership:– It is the ability to lead or the post or function of a leader.

(5) Management:– It is the process of planning organizing, leading and controlling the works of organisation members and of using organizational resources to reach stated organizational goal.

(6) Motivation:  It is an act or incentive given to workers in order to work effectively and efficiently.

(7) Organisation: An act of condition of being organized as a body of persons arranged in a system to work and accomplish task as a team.

(8) Subordinate: It is a junior rank or position, which is less important working under the supervision of a person.


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