The Role of Supervision in Promoting Efficiency in Teaching and Instruction in Primary School

The Role of Supervision in Promoting Efficiency in Teaching and Instruction in Primary School

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Project Topic and Material on The Role of Supervision in Promoting Efficiency in Teaching and Instruction in Primary School

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This research work is designed to find out the role of supervision in promoting efficiency in teaching and instruction in primary school in Egor Local Government Area in Edo State. The method used in the collection of data was questionnaire. The findings revealed that supervision helps in promoting/promotion of teaching of the student. It also aids in the area of the school curriculum. Recommendations were also made which include that teachers should always come early to school to supervise the pupils in the morning while making the school environment headmaster/mistresses should go round and see each of the teacher with pupils while performing their morning duties. This study stated that external supervisors should not inspect teachers only but the whole school environment. Parent were also  advice to hold meeting with the teachers discussing the likely problem confronting their children’s in the school.




Statement of problems

Purpose of study

Significance of the study


Scope of the study

Definition of terms


Literature review


Research design


Description of sample selection

Research instrument

Pilot study

Validation of instrument

Administration of instrument

Method of data analysis

Interview with students

Chapter Four    

Data Presentation and Analysis










Supervision right from time immemorial has to improve the activities of teaching and learning in primary schools, during the colonial era, supervision provide the basis for high performance for primary schools which was accredited to regular and meaningful supervision in primary schools by inspectors. Primary schools being the foundation of learning and instruction is in  dire need of supervision throughout the school year, no wonder people are saying of poor academic performance of people nowadays the poor academic performance may be attributed to lack of effective supervision of primary school. Supervision should be intensified in primary school because the pupils are I the formative years. Today a larger number of primary school teachers are experienced and professional teaching jobs, they are not on the teaching job, but do not perform up to expectation even though they posses higher teaching qualifications these marked informative for regular supervision so as to put them right not to make mistake in discharging their duties of teaching the young ones and laying solid foundation for future higher learning. The new policy that the minimum learning qualification in primary schools. The Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) is a new development, hence most teachers in primary schools have obtained the Nigeria certificate in education (NCE) by now, but never perform to expectation in primary school teaching only few of the primary school teachers still hold the teacher grade II certificate in an attempt to promote efficiency in teaching and instruction in primary schools, so as to improve on the academic performance of the primary school pupils. It is also envisaged that if supervision is intensified in primary schools, teachers will have up to expectation in discharging their duties to the society (curricular activities).

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The various problems that lack of supervision have brought to teaching and learning in primary schools, are; unimproved instruction and instructional programmers. If school are not regularly supervised. The teachers will not be able to teach effectively in the classroom, since they will not take proper care in preparing their notes of lessons. The provision of adequate relevant and attractive teaching aids will be declined, in a situation well supervised some teachers may tend to be lazy and of performance of pupils in schools. Effective coordination and control of the school system will improve the academic environment without this, the pupils will be bored within the school environment and thus the instruction given them will have no effect and their teachers will not be able to improve the curriculum, properly will not be able to improve the curriculum, properly supervised, enhance planning of services and workshops or seminars for the teachers in the primary school without this, the instruction given to the pupils will be lacking in one aspects or the  other. The goals and objective of education in the primary school will not be achieved without control mechanism such as good e valuation which in turn helps in the overall development of the pupils.

  2. Do supervision actually help to improve teaching and help teachers usually in schools?
  3. Do the head teachers usually go round to supervise teachers in their classes during lesson?
  4. What are the effects of supervision in relation to teachers performance in his/her statutory duties?

It is a known fact that constant and thorough supervision will definitely improve teaching and learning in primary schools, hence teacher fault would be detected frequently and would be corrected by the education officers. In a situation where a teacher fails to bring his/her record of work up to date. However, if this detected by the education officer such teacher can be queried for negligence of study. The immediate result of this query is to effect a change in teacher’s attitude toward work, since supervision focuses on the teacher’s appearance, performance and other related issues. Furthermore, through this study, the government and the school authority will learn how to improve the education of the pupils how to improve the education of the pupils. An educational officer mostly the external supervisor visit a school he/she takes down a note on the condition of that school and passes it to the appropriate quarters with recommendation, after much of the recommendation would help to improve the standard of the school which may be on the infrastructure facilities, instructional materials etc moreover, supervision involves a lot of discussion of cross fertilization of ideas and from this exchange of ideas the best method to follow would be discussed among the teachers, this discussion would focus on the improvement of the teaching and learning environment. From this kind, efficiency would be enhance, supervision enables us to discover special ability or qualities possessed by teachers in the primary or qualities possessed by teachers in the primary schools in Egor Local Government.

  2. Academic: Teaching study of schools college etc scholarly, literary or classical.
  3. Education officers: These are government officials overseeing the teaching and learning process and education generally.
  4. Environment: Rounding circumstances influence.
  5. Teaching: What is taught
  6. Learning: Knowledge obtained by study.


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